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By Credit Card
By Bank Transfer

If you have Internet Banking, you can do a transfer fund into our Bank A/C. You can also use the ATM machine to transfer fund to our a/c. Our Bank particulars are:

DBS Bank
Assemblix Technology Pte Ltd
Current A/C

An example of how to set up the Internet transfer.

Call us upon your payment to confirm your transaction. Remember to fax or email to us your transfer referance number.

By Cheque
Just send us a crossed cheque payable to
Assemblix Technology Pte Ltd post it to
Blk 203, Hougang St 21, #04-59 Singapore 530203
Please exit immediately if you are under 18 years old.
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 Features of the Software>>
1 Summary Statistic
  1. Summary of system 1 ball up to system 5 balls.
  2. Find out the most freqent or the longest overdue system set immediately.
  3. User customisable display. See gap graph or distribution chart instantly on each set of system.
  4. Year/month consecutive hit table.
  5. Filtering method to find the best companion group.
  6. Monthly season hit tabulation.
  7. Consecutive hit tabulation.
  8. The short cut button to set to best range to be analyse.
  9. Instant column sort throughout.
  10. Unlimited User Define Grouping.
  11. Apply User Define grouping onto your wheeling to filter out unwanted tickets.
  12. Conditional Full Wheeler.
  13. Printing of Betslip, customisable to any betslip.
  14. Unlimited Game creating. Existing data include Singapore 6/45, Malaysia 4/49, 6/42 and 6/49.
  15. All results can be updated through Internet or manual entry.

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2 Super fast Search Engine
  1. Can search any combination of balls number.
  2. User specify minimum match for result on each search.
  3. Include/Exclude normal or bonus ball.
  4. Change game range easily.
  5. Table display for visual analysis.
  6. Gap graph and distribution chart.
  7. Standard Deviation calculation on gap interval.

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3 Complete statistic display.
  1. Three display mode,
    . Table format - see the whole chart with color cells indicating winning numbers.
    . Grouping format - check the performance of each group.
    . Next Gap format - check the most likely winning gap trend.
    . Sum Analysis - analyse the sum of 2 or 3 balls.
    . Hot/Warm/Cold analysis - group the numbers into 3 section and study their hit statistic.
  2. Unlimited User Define grouping allow you to switch between groups statistic instantly.
  3. Apply User Define Group to remove unwanted ticket in the Wheeler.
  4. User adjustable odd and even pair bias statistic
  5. Odd and even pair statistic and computer hit pattern analysis.
  6. Sum value statistic and sum graph with moving average.
  7. With bonus, no bonus or bonus only statistic.
  8. Advance statistic of odd/even, high/low performance
  9. Associate numbers tracking - trailing and companion sets

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4 WinTOTO Full Wheeler

A special full wheeler that allow you to specify the conditions and focus your winning.

  1. Can wheel up to maximum numbers of ball.
  2. Can generate system 2 to system 15.
  3. Predefined filter include
    . Odd and even pair.
    . Sum range grouping.
    . Neigbouring Pair control.
    . All user define grouping.
    . History Filter.
    . Key numbers - unlimited keys.
    . Sum 2 or 3 Filter.
  4. Check or test wheel with past history result, with details reports of winning ticket.
  5. Mark all the bet slips with your own printer.
  6. User can selectively delete unwanted ticket manually before printing.
  7. Save/Load the wheeler.
  8. WinTOTO Wizard intelligent pick numbers for you to wheel.
  9. DIY Wheel - a template wheel that allow you to create your own wheel. Pre-defined Abbreviated wheel templates are included in the installation.NEW!

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5 WinTOTO Lucky Pick
  Programmed to pick numbers that will not be too skew. Can pick system 3 up to system 12.
6 Updating and editing of result.

Assemblix always believe to make the updating of result as convenient as possible. You can update the result in two ways.

  1. Updating through Internet.
    - Easy and fast, just click a button in the menu and you are updated.
  2. Updating manually.
    - We made it like a standard spreadsheet function where you can just click on the cell and start to edit, insert or delete.

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7 Password controls

For security reason, an optional password control is included. You can enable or disable this feature at your discretion. This is to prevent people from using your program.

8 Import data from other software.

WinTOTO also allow you to import data from other software for printing or do further analysis and checking of winning result.

  1. Import from CSV format file.
    After imported, you can check, print and save it.
  2. Copy and paste from Excel.
    You can copy from data spread sheet program.
  3. Save/Load the data for checking winning results.

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9 NG Table Analysis.

This table shows the actual distribution of the winning number in term of their draw gap interval.

  1. Number of each gap interval are extracted.
  2. Winning number are highlighted for easy reference.
  3. In Wheeler function, this NG table will highlight your selected number. This will allow you to see which gap interval you have selected and how evenly are your selection distributed

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10 Excel like sheet for easy Copy and paste to other application.
  Build like a MS Excel format for easy viewing and copy or paste into other software.
11 Build in Help for easy reference.
  A comprehensive help write up is provided within the program. Anytime you want to know about the usage, press F1 and a popup will be display.
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