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Congratulation to the winning of the Group 2 prize and many other prizes on the 10 February 2006.

After having to win, what next? One of the natural answers that we will derive is to get ready to collect our winning money and some may think what about another winning.
If all of you could recalled, I have many times during Assemblix courses mentioned that we need to find out how we win so that we could continue to win and if we did not make it, we need to find out where is the step that we may have overlook. Since we have won the Group 2 prize, we will look at how and what are the reason that contribute to our winning.

First Reason

Assemblix has always having this mission and that is “To win alone is lonely, to win together is a Joy”. With that in mind, we always look forward to gather more members and through collective effort we certainly stand a better chance of winning. Comes with the desire of the individual members who wish to win the Toto Jackpot and that is the 55 members who sign up for the course on 7 Feb 2006, we meet up to make it happened.

Second Reason

The positive energy that we have created on that night of February 7, 2006, plays another important role. Firstly we have Mr. Lawrence who contributes the vegetables and Mr. Ronald who contributes the Fish for the 'Loh Hei'. The Active participation of all members during the 'Loh Hei' are very active and I can feel all members charging the energy to create sparks and sparks of positive Chi. For me, personally I did feel the strong Chi in the 'Loh Hei'. Next is the understanding of all members concerned who understands the terms and conditions that creates the harmony environments. Next is the sharing of strategy by both KL Tan and Mr. Saw. Lastly is the use of WinToto Advance software, the popular feature known as Wheeler Wizard. The wizard is not a just a random pick generator, it did add on the concept of Toto Selection that is created by KL Tan himself. The winning of Group 2 is from the Wheeler Wizard pick. Yes! Certainly the Wizard Pick plays important role but together with our Cheering of Positive Chi in the selection plays a part, yes the 'Jackpot, Jackpot, Jackpot, Jackpot' which keep going for at least more than 3 minutes. I must say, that is not an easy task, it takes a lot of stamina, energy and sheer determination of wanting to win. To sum up we are very focus of wanting to win. During the cheering, I have recorded it both in my mind and my heart and even photograph all members who were there on 7 Feb 2006 their cheering. You may want to know why? Yes I did it because I have a very valid reasons to do so which I will share with all of you on the next reasons.

Third Reason We win because of Luck. Now allow me to share with all members what is Luck, to me luck equals hard work plus opportunity. We have the opportunity, and also we work hard for it. For all members, by making an effort to participate is work. For me, I have to go further to ensure it. You know that during the Hong Bao Draw, the queues are particular long. In order to create the harmony environments, I only go at 10 slips at one time. Why is it so, many of the members of public who is queuing, they too are anxious wanting to buy Toto, and if I will to let go all the slips at one go, we certainly will create the tension which in turns create negative Chi. Having in hand 329 slips, do you know how many rounds I need to go through, it took me close to 3 hours to do it. Besides that I have make sure all slips are properly inserted into the machine by the operator. Frankly, it is never easy as the environment is very hot and I am perspiring all over, but as long as it benefits all members, I will just do it. Another reason is the recorded cheering by you members, kept replaying in my mind over and over again.

Lastly, winning is never easy. We have made it possible by the effort of all members, together with Mr. Saw and Assemblix and not forgetting WinTOTO Advance.

Below are the testimonial received from the participants.

Thanks for the wonderful Jackpot Wheeling session, with all the great "Qi" from the Participants and best of all "the WINTOTO Software - Win Wizard that helped us to hit the Jackpot"

Let us Jackpot all the way.......

1. Service: Second to none, friendly and very approachable.
2. WinToto Confidence: On a scale of 1 to 10, my rating is 7/10.
3. Event: Done in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and very focus to get the objects realised. But, still have rooms for improvements.

Thank you. Have a nice day. Play Responsibly and Sensibly.


1. Service standard of Assemblix - Gold medal. Of course you all can do even better to hit for Diamond, Platinum standard etc. (smile)
2. Confident level for WINTOTO - Given a full 100% support for it.
3. The way the event is organised - Very good. (Suggest that to held it whenever the prize money exceeds $3 million, so everyone can huat more often).

Thanks and regards.
NG Kor Peng
First of all, let me congratulate you on your success of the winning of the Group 2 prize in the $10 million TOTO Draw and benefited a group of us here.

It was the hard work and efforts that you both have put in that resulted the ultimate achievement.Your unselfishness caring and sharing have earned the respect of many members.

You have upgraded your WINTOTO software from time to time and I have benefited through these.

I have the greatest confidence in your WINTOTO Advance software and would also like to recommend it to my other friends.

May I wish you all the best in your future developments.

Lets Huat and Jackpot together.

joseph Lee

1. Asseemblix's service is fantastic !! Always ready to share the methods to detect winning numbers.
2. Wintoto is definitely a very effective tools in analyzing the best possible numbers to play .
3. This should be an event not to be missed !!! It is really full of GOOD QI !! Keep it up !!! We will do it every year !!!!



I am very proud and glad to be one of the assemblixian.
I like the most is Assemblix never stop continuous improving their product features and services provided to all the people.
The friendly and unselfishness attitude of KL and Hai Tong make me feel very easy and comfort to deal with.

Honestly I feel the very high spirit in the 10 Million Jackpot pooling night with all the members
synchronize saying with rhythms "Jackpot, Jackpot Jackpot......" and finally we are.................

As we know united make us success, and I wish we could have more such pooling function.
Let us Huat! Huat! Huat!

Wong KH

Besides the mechanism (that is, your software) to generate the numbers; I certainly agree with your second reason. When we were all consistently saying the word jackpot, jackpot..... and followed by Hai Tong's "Huat!"; that very instance, I had felt that we will strike a big one. Well, we were very, very close to it. Great effort to one and all and especially to you all at Assemblix.

How about having such a similar session whenever the draw prize is $2 million and above?

This event has made me more keen and by all means to attend your training for this software (which I had just registered for the one on 21 Feb). I guess I was really lucky to be accessing your website at the most appropriate time and found out about that Hong Bao draw and joined it.

This winning in the Hong Bao draw, though small, is very encouraging. I must find time to understand your software better and hopefully, we can share our ideas to help one another towards achieving the big jackpot. I too feel that Chi and Luck plays a very important part too in achieving the big jackpot.

Thank you very much for your sharing.

Best Regards,
Encouraged - Lucy


How do you find Assemblix service?

This is what Assemblix service Taking the right Opportunity

What is your confident level in WinTOTO?

WinTOTO is the best way of POOLING & WINNING



I really appreciate what Assemblix have provided us.
They will always continue to improve on the software and always willing to share with us all the useful skills and knowledge .
And it is great that we have actually won the group 2 prize in the 10 Million Dollar Jackpot draw. This shows that we are very near to group 1 prize... will HIT the Jackpot soon. Hope Assemblix will continue to organise this every year.

This has increased my confident greatly with Assemblix and also the WinTOTO software. Will continue to support Assemblix.



I'm so glad to have managed to join the Hong Bao draw just in time! Thank you so much for all the time and effort that you have expended for all of us. I can't think of any other company or persons who would have done that.

Thank you,


I don't write very well, but I still want to write a few words.

First of all, a Very Big Thank You to ASSEMBLIX for giving me an opportunity to participate in the 10 Million Dollar Jackpot Pooling and also to share the Joy of Winning a Jackpot. I also want to say a Big Thank You to Mr. Saw for leading the event.

Yes, you guys are right. Winning alone ia not much fun because only one person is happy. Now, we have 55 winners, so we got 55 happy people to share the joy. This is the first time I win a ToTo more for than S$30.00. So, I'm sure very happyyyyyyyyy.

I really appreciate that you guys took the trouble of queuing so many rounds in this hot weather to buy the ToTo tickets just because you wanted to create a harmony environment and Positive Qi. And because of your kind consideration for other people in the queue and all the 55 participant in mind that your effort got rewarded. We hit the Group 2 Jackpot!!!!
After the winning, I know that ASSEMBLIX got alot of background work to do. Stay up late to check thru & pick out the winning tickets, send SMS, send emails, collect money from SP, bank in money, issue cheque, organize another party, etc................ This type of service only a 5 stars Hotel can match.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS GUYS..........................

Lastly, I wanted to congratulate and say Thank You to all the remaining 54 members of this Hong Pao Draw Team for working together to create the Good Luck, Positive Qi, and the Power to Win JACKPOT......

The next round our aim is GROUP 1 JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Very Much

With Metta,
Lawrence Teo

ASSEMBLIX All The Way...!!!

I am grateful & wish to thank you & your team for the time & effort which have contributed so much to this winning (and many more to come...of course!).

Without Assemblix & your brilliant software, I could never imagine to have benefitted so much.

I have great confidence in WinTOTO and also with the continuous help of your knowledge & advice, I'm very sure that we'll all prosper together!

Firstly, I would like to thanks Assemblix for organsing the wonderful TOTO seminar for his members that leads to the winning of the Group 2 TOTO Jackpot Hong Bao Draw.

But more importantly I am impressed by the dedications & effort of both KL & Hai Tong rendered towards the members in all aspects from conducting Free training to teach members like myself who is a newbie in 4D & TOTO play to learn how to use the WIN4D & WINTOTO program, Free SMS service for 4D, TOTO pooling for members & right up to queueing many times over & over to buy the tickets in our hot weather for the Pooling. And also ensure no mistake & that's not easy. Thank you man....

The WINTOTO had proven itself in this winning & the technique taught by KL & Hai Tong during those 4D lesson is! also very "zhun" and oh.... that reminds me of the T-Graph Class I attend a few weeks ago , a first prize sys nbr was detected that night !

With the continual improvements to the 2 software WINTOTO & WIN4D I have confidence in Assemblix and I believe that we will hit Multiple Grand Jackpots soon.

Best Regards,
1. Assemblix service (v.good and v.hardworking)
2. confident level in WinTOTO? (ok confident)
3. the way the event is been organized (85%)
Best regards,
Christopher Chong
I'm impressed by the accuracy of your numbers selection and amazed by WinToTo Advance's Wizard. It proved that winning ToTo required not only the right tool but experience and observations of trends and patterns on past winnings.

Personally, I'm pleased to meet up all of you at Assemblix. I feel that we are there not just to win but to understand how to win constantly and to win BIG
if possible.

The 'Loh Hei' on 07 Feb was is surprise to me and I've enjoyed it the atmosphere.

From the previous mail, I'm touched by Hai Tong's effort for queuing for almost 3 hours and his care for other's feeling during the queue by not buying the
whole bulk at one time. That perhaps really created the positive Chi for our winning.

Looking forward meeting with you and the team again.
Three Cheers for WinToTo Advance: Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

Best regards
Johnny Yap


Thanks for the great effort that you all have put in, not forgetting Mr. Hai Tong
on the 'voice effect' which all of us did for a good 3 mins while the wizard was
selecting the winning nos for the 55 of us.

Thanks, and look forward to see all of you.


It's been great excellence service that assemblix had been done but it's really tired for only two of you to provide the service for us. To me is not just a service, it should be more than excellence customer service you both had provided. So I don't just encourage to keep up the excellence service, appreciate is what I believe should be the best than any words to describe. Good job and well done!!!

To me WinToTo is the best investment that I had benefit so far other than stocks and shares. It had prove to me it's really an excellence product which been now an hot topic around my family and friends. So I strongly believe in this product and my confident is so strong when I plan to invest some of my money onto ToTo.

It's been a rare occasion to me that so far I had been attended so much events. Too bad we had not taken down any photos on that day. I really miss it so much. We are just like a big family and we all share the same dream. So I will never absent for any of this event in future cause it not just about winning and also it's FUN. Most surprisingly is that I never dream that we all indeed won a great Group 2 ang pow. So I believe it's been a great star for all of us and I believe that all of us will keep on jackpot and jackpot and jackpot, over and over again. Cheers!!!

Last of all I hereby sincerly thank you. Wishing you ,Haitong and assemblix a great success!!!

Best Regards
Jemus Er

1. Greatly appreciate both KL & Hai Tong who made the 30 trips juz to cover all the tickets for the toto draw AND, i dont know how many trips they make for the normal draw BUT it DEFINITELY needs a lot of efforts doing that. + perseverance + faith in what they are doing. I can understand this
administrative chore as I organize corporate events whole year round including having to queue this CNY to buy 176 sets ( that means, 176 betting
slips ) of $1 ibet no., When i told the aunty over the counter to Quickpick 88 sets of $1 ibet nos., boy! she really not shiok leh ...anyway! the
important thing is .. most of my guyz strike!

What i did this CNY >> made use of FEBRUARY seasoned nos and bought 88 sets of ABCD nos and asked aunty to Quickpick the other 88 sets for me using the computer.

1st draw after i bought the nos., there were 1 starter and 2 consol
2nd draw, there were 1 starter and 4 consol
3rd draw, there were 1 2nd prize, 1 starter and 4 consol
4th draw, there were 1 3rd prize
5th draw, there were 1 1st prize and 1 starter ............

Most of these nos come from the February seasoned list 8-)

2. The wintoto is a great product : EZ to use and user friendly ... but of course U need to know what conditions to set in the 1st place mah. But a great product cannot sell by itself. It needs the human touch to bring it to live. This 2nd important ingredient i found in the "Father(s)" of Wintoto. It was the confidence I have in him that I joined the usual pooling program. Along the way, we did win a lot of small prizes... until the $10m toto draw! And the winnings come mainly from the WIZARD wheeler !! I thought, amazing... all i need now is only the product, i dont need these guyz... but retrospectively, when i look at the conditions set for the Wizard wheeler, i would not have applied the same conditions and would not have hit as many prizes as they did!

Now i look forward to the weekly draw of S$1m so that in the event that my team strike the jackpot, we cld at least get $40k PER PERSON. Now I'm juz
happy that we strike the Grp 2 $10m draw tho' the pie is very much smaller ... 8-)

3. How do you rate the way the event is been organised.
Systematic is the understatement of the day. TRANSPARENCY is most important and I think they have achieved that.



My winning of this Ang Pow Toto Draw is owed entirely to your understanding & willingness to accept my participation even when the group is full. You also accepted my entry at the very last minute before the actual class starts. If not for your kindness & magnamious attitude, I will not be celebrating as one of the winners. You provided the Extra Mile Service (GEMS)which our govt is trying very hard to promote. I give assemblix 2 thumbs up for its personlised & friendly service!

With regards to Wintoto software, I must admit that I do not have much luck in winning. I find it useful in providing database statistics but I am confident thatI will be able to figure out the winning formula one day!

I look foward to be able to particpate in Wintoto classes to brush up my chances of winning the jackpot!

Thank you once again

Best Regards.

1) Good
2) Very confident! Huat Ah
3)Ok ,should have some singalong,clap along etc. make every gathering a memorable one
Keep it up
Best regards,
1. Service: Excellent - friendly and very approachable that make you feel welcome anytime.
2. WinToto Confidence: WinToto is specially program to cater for us local players. Rating - 7/10 (Good.)
3. Event: Organised in a very relaxed and friendly manner, which is good for the attendees.

Thank you. Huat Arghh... !

Best regards


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