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Please exit immediately if you are under 18 years old.
 How to Upgrade WinTOTO? >>

Click on the link as shown below.

Click on the Run button when the file download dialog popup.

Click the Run button again when the warning dialog popup.

Click "OK" when the WinZip Self-Extractor dialog come out.

After you make sure your WinTOTO maintenance support is still valid for this version, you can click the "Setup" button.

You need to read and agree to the license agreement before you proceed. After reading the agreement, if you want to continue, click the "Yes, I Agree" button.

Make sure your WinTOTO installed directory was correct. If you have installed the WinTOTO software in a special location of your harddrive, you should click the "Browse" button to navigate to that directory.

If you have the Internet connection ready, you should proceed with the "Upgrade Online" button. This will automatically check your license and maintenance support validity. If everything is okay, it will start to copy the appropriate files over to upgrade your program.

The final warning dialog is to make sure you are not running WinTOTO main program while upgrading. If you are running the WinTOTO software, the upgrade will produce error in writting file and your upgrade will not be successful. Please check and click the "OK" button after you are sure that no WinTOTO software is running now.

During upgrading, there will be some file overwrite warning dialog box appearing. Please check and click "Yes" to continue.

After all the files has been copy over, a last dialog status will be shown as below. This shows that your upgrade is successful.

Click "OK" to finish the upgrade.


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