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Sum Root Analysis

Sum Root analysis is to classify the whole toto permutation into 9 equal segments. Every draw, the result will be from one of this group. The statistical data collected in each draw are shown in 3 new columns as shown below. They are Root, Even Root and Odd Root. These are using Sum Root method of calculation. Using the value of the total sum on the "Sum" column, it will split the value into distinctive digit and add them together until they are only one digit left.

For example, if the sum value in 184, it will become 1+8+4 = 13, but because the outcome value is more than 2 digits, it will perform another addition. This time it will be 1+3 = 4, the final Sum root is 4.

As for the Even Root, it is calculated based on adding only the Even drawn numbers. For example, in the picture below, the Rec 86, the sum value 10+12+20+46+26 = 114. Sum root will be 1+1+4 = 6.

Same goes to Odd Root, it is calculated based on adding only the Odd drawn numbers. That will be 27+43 = 70, which give you the Sum root of 7. .


Enhance Forecast tracking

I have fine-tuned the forecasting system to be more effective. You should see some improvement in all the forecasting options.

Forecasting become more and more challenging, we need to have a way for the computer to re-learn the best strategy for the next wave of forecast. I have added the button for this purposes, to allow User to have an option to activate the re-learn process using the latest statistic data. The program will detect the percentage of accuracy of the forecast if it is low, it will pop-up notification message to remind you. If you want to change the forecasting strategy, just click on the Re-Learn button.