What is new in Version


Additional Last Gap column

Added two new columns of statistic information in the Summary function. The Summary page shows the header as LGap1, LGap2 and LGap3. LGap1 is representing the last gap of the winning history. LGap2 is representing the gap before the last gap.

2 Added the Shift forecast number highlight in the Summary page.

3 Added Filter by Column Values - You can filter the displayed statistic by specifing the range of value.
4. Updated forecast Re-Learn with the latest functionality for all the forecast method. Bring more accurate forecasted numbers.

5. New Neighbouring Pair analysis feature. You can set the span of Neighbouring Pair to check their statistic.


Added a Quick Pick within the Wheeler function. This Quick Pick feature picks tickets within your selected numbers.


Added the Select Tickets feature within the Import Ticket function. This feature allows you to select your own tickets base on your preference.


You do not need to worry about unable to start the program because of corrupted data files. You can now start the program with a parameter to clear all the corrupted data files.