What is new in Version


Easy Steps Analysis

LOTTO or TOTO is a game with many numbers. This method is to partition the sequence into 4 steps. Each step will have 4 choices, A, B, C, D. The winning number of each draw is from one of this steps. All you need is to analyse which steps will the next winning number will be in.


Shift Forecast

New method of forecast with more gain in the winning chances. For example, base on mathematic calculation if you play with 36 number, your chances of winning 6 numbers are 1,947,792 / 13,983,816 which is about 14%. With this Shift forecast, we can hit 8 out of 20 draws which translated into 40%. This is a gain of 26% chances. This forecast is adaptive. Each time you update the draw results, it will learn and find the best criteria to forecast.


Partition Wheel

A new way to wheel the numbers. It basically partition the selected numbers into smaller partitions and join them up in another sequence. Lesser numbers as compare to some abbreviated wheel but not a full guarantee type of wheel. Advantages is that you can Partition Wheel any type of system without any limitation.


Tidy up the Wheeler dialog button for easier and more User friendly.