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  02 December 2004 02:44:55
Posted By : KL Tan
WinTOTO 2004 Latest release V2.0
Hi all WinTOTO User,
Finally the latest version 2.0 WinTOTO is ready. This version features included,

1. Unlimited games to be added in analysis.
2. Unlimited User Grouping method.
3. Wheeling filter with the user grouping.
4. Improved summary of system, generate 5/3 within minutes.

NOTE : Please make a note of your current betslip alignment value. The new system will need you to re-align the betslip again.

You can download the upgrade at the link below,


Upgrading is easy, just download the program and run the setup. When the WinTOTO upgrade screen appear, just click the "Upgrade Online" and wait for the "successful" message.

If you encounter any error message during the upgrading, please call me at 93881524 or email to me with your license number to

To facilitate the using of WinTOTO, I had also included the Online help file for view. You can see the whole help files at Help file

Let wish all of us will win a jackpot prize very soon.
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