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  02 June 2013 14:44:00
Posted By : KL Tan
$255,837 Winning
Great News!

Believe it or not, we receive news of another winning on 27 May 2013. This time was a Group 2 prize, single winner, a whopping amount of $255,837.

He is using the WinTOTO Advance wheeler multi-span filter. The span value that hit is 1-7-8-10-14. He spend a total of $227(454 entries) dollars in this game. According to him, he was glad to have patiently play the same sets of numbers for almost a month. Yes, for almost a month, he did not win even a single prize (0 dollar), but he has faith in his analysis so continue his investment plan.

He quoted, "I used many TOTO/Lotto softwares from many countries, only WinTOTO Advance can gave me the flexibility that can meet my requirement.".

He also mentioned, he do not want members to misinterpret the winning as a very simple and sure win situation, he reiterated that hard work and consistence update is the most important things to success. For example, the video, the upgrade and tutorial really helps.

I am sure some of you may not fully believe our news about the winning, but it is the truth. The winning is not a small amount, so inevitably, the tendency for ones to share the winning is really subject to individual comfortability.

Anyway, he is very careful person, after our assurance that his identity will remain a secret, then he gave us this partial scan image.

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