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How to find best companion number with filtering.
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Hi members,

Today I will show the technique on how to use the filter to narrow down to the number to play.

Go to System Statistic,

Selecting a good single ball set is made so easy with WinTOTO 2004. By clicking on the “best range” button, you are actually looking at the best performance number within an optimum draw range. Example below shows the number “06” has a hit of 6 within 20 draws, which is 31% hit rate, which is equivalent to every 3 draws per hit.

One point need to note when choosing this number, not advisable to play when the next gap when above the average gap, this may be an indication of over performance.

If you have made your choice on a particular number, e.g. “06” you can proceed to the second part,

Select the System 3 Ball,

Click the up/down arrow to change Minumum match to 2,

Click the Apply button,

follow by

You should see the following table,

Now you can filter the number that you have selected earlier. Type in the “06” in the filter box. Follow with the Filter button.

You will be able to see what are the numbers that always follow the “06”. Notice that the 24 and 25 seem to mix for 13 times within 94 draws. Same principle apply, not advisable to play when the next gap greater than average gap.

That’s all for this session, we will cover the Wheeler on the next topic.

Updated : 14/05/2004
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
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