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How to use the WinTOTO Wheeler?
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This week tutorial is all about the wheeling.

Why should we use the wheeler?

Below is the ODDS Chart for Singapore TOTO play.

6 Number Prize
5 Number Prize
4 Number Prize
3 Number Prize (System Roll)

It is very difficult to choose a six, five or even four winning numbers on a single ticket when you select just one set of six numbers from a field of 45 numbers. Using a wheeler, it is designed to trap the winning numbers with a group of seven or more TOTO numbers.

The WinTOTO Wheeler allows you to specified the conditions of pick. You only play those tickets that satisfy your conditions. In this way, you are eliminating unnecessary tickets and at the same time maintain the optimum winning chances.

How to reduce the Odd?

Imaging if you are playing 15 numbers instead of only selecting 6 numbers. The odd of winning a 6 numbers prize is 1627, instead of 8,145,060 ! wow! What a great different! But to play a full wheel numbers, the cost of the games is $2502.5 for one drawing. Who would be welling to spend that much of money on TOTO tickets?

The secret is you don’t have to! Our WinTOTO Wheeler can reduce and eliminate the tickets according to your conditions and at the same time, you stand to win Jackpot if your selection and condition is correct.

Okay let go to the wheeling system.

The example that I will give here will act as a guide on how to make use of the WinTOTO wheeler effectively.

Start the Summary Statistic,

Change the System Ball to System 3 Ball

Change the Minimum Match ball to 2 as shown,

Click the Apply button to proceed.

Click the Fix button on the further right of the control panel as shown.

Now click the pink color column “5” to sort it by Month of May. This is the Season number method.

Make sure you see the triangle mark at the column 5 header, otherwise, click on it again. You will notice that the list sorted according to the frequency hit for month of May since 1997 until now.

Use the mouse, click the first cells with the left mouse button and drag down all the way to the about 8 or 10 cells. It is highlighted in blue when selected. Move the mouse pointer inside the highlighted cells and click the right mouse button to bring up a menu as shown in the picture.

Click the “Copy”, this will copy the contents into computer memory. Next, you need to start the wheeler by clicking the fourth button on the toolbars.

Move the mouse pointer to inside the textbox, right click the mouse button. You can click the “Paste” to paste the numbers into the textbox.

Move your mouse pointer to the bottom view and click the left mouse button. You will see the selected ball highlighted accordingly. You are now ready to input your condition and zoom into a specific group of the wheel. The best way to test your wheel is by setting the Grouping condition to 2-2-2. This means two balls from group 1 to 15, 2 balls from group 16 to 30 and 2 balls from group 31 to 45. Below is an example of the setting.

After setting the group condition, you can click the Wheel Now button to see the number of tickets generated.

You should be able to see the generated tickets are 378 tickets. This means the total cost is $0.50 * 378 = $189. Comparing this to the full system 14 which cost $1501.50, you are buying less than 13% of the actual cost and yet, you maintain the best group.

How do I know will I hit a jackpot when 6 numbers are within the selection?
A lot of people will ask this similar question, yes you are guarantee a jackpot when 2 of the winning numbers are within group 1 to 15, 2 of the winning numbers are within group 16 to 30 and 2 of the winning numbers are within group 31 to 45.

What is the minimum win?
To answer this question, first we must set our goal. Is your goal to win Jackpot or just winning the minimum prize? Yes, you may win some prize to cover your play but the final goal is a guarantee jackpot prize, that is what all of us are aiming for.

Of cause, there will be some winning even though your condition did not fully met. This depends greatly on how far did your condition deviate from the actual winning number, the near it is, the more winning.

The principle of WinTOTO Wheeler is similar to you are playing 4-D on direct positioning. Your aim on the winning number is at a certain sector of the whole wheel, as long as the winning condition is within this sector you will hit a jackpot. Therefore, to analyse the correct condition to use for each wheel you require some knowledge and experience.

Next week, we will touch on the printing of the ticket.

Updated : 27/05/2004
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
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