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Methods in selecting TOTO number - Visual observation

There are many methods in selecting the number using WinTOTO 2004. Below are some of the basic method used.

  1. Visual observation.
  2. Grouping Analysis.
  3. Next Gap Analysis.
  4. Graph Analysis.
  5. Companion number analysis.

This tutorial will touch on the visual observation method. This is the most primitive method and yet a very effective method. You have to change the display layout to “Table format display” by selection the Display Statistic.

Next click onto the Apply button to apply the changes.

You have to use the mouse to drag the display toward the right side. Move the mouse cursor to the position as shown. Right click and hold it, drag the scroll bar to the right.

You should be able to see the picture as shown below.

You need to view the whole picture to visualize the relationship of each number. There are various guideline to follow in the choosing of number. One of them is the Neighbouring Force.

This method has been around in the LOTTO analysis for quite sometime. Many of us may also notice the occurrences of neighbour numbers are very frequent. To spot the number is to look at the left and right of the recent winning numbers. Take a look at the picture below, for example, the groups of number circled showinig the link of each neighbouring numbers.

To further study into the neighbouring force, we can classify them into two major types.

  1. Pincer force.
  2. Consecutive force.

Pincer force is one of the common type that can be seen. For example the number #35 and #37, which force the #36 to appear. Another example is the #28 and #30, which force the #29 to appear.

Consecutive force behave like a steping stone pattern. Example the #40 link to #39, which in turn force the appearance of #38. This force usually continue twice for two consecutive draws. So when you see the first consecutive occurrence, you can include the next neigbouring number in your list.

Sometime you may have to consider the neighbour adjacention number. This is usually the case when the strength of the force is very strong. The example of adjacent neighbour number are shown in the picture below.

There are more technique on the visual observation method. Next week I will touch on the pattern reading technique.

Good luck,

Updated : 1/7/2004
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
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