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Please exit immediately if you are under 18 years old.
Methods in selecting TOTO number - Visual observation part 2

This tutorial will touch on the visual observation method part 2. You have to change the display layout to “Table format display” by selection the Display Statistic. Please refer to the previous lesson for how to get to view the table format display.

There are many pattern involve but we will concentrate on some common pattern. Below are some pattern you can see quite often,

  1. Mirror image.
  2. Double Similar Gap

Mirror image is one of the common type as shown in the above diagram. The distance of the empty space can be within +/-1 space.

Double Similar Gap (DSG) mean the number hit at the same interval as the previous interval. This interval can be +/- 1 space.

There are other technique on the visual observation method. You may want to attend the TOTO course conduct by Mr Saw where he will be explaining in details on all the various pattern reading. Go to to look for his course.

Good luck,

Updated : 1/7/2004
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
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