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How to use Sum filter with "OR Logic"

This is an example of how you can make use of the Sum filter and "OR logic together to zoom into the area that you want to play. I think there isn't any software in the market can create such a wheel condition.

To make the subject more interesting, I will use the data in the summary 4 ball with minimum match 3 for wheeling. This sample is taken on 31 Jan 2005.

To start the Summary of System, Click on the Icon as shown below.

Change the System to System 4 Ball as shown.

Make sure the minimum match is set to "3". This means the summary will compare the 4 ball groups that hit with a minimum of 3 balls in history result. The statistic in this case is without bonus, so make sure the Bonus is not tick.

Click Apply button to generate the summary statistic.

Scroll to the rightside of the column and click your left mouse button on the Month Avg header (green color). This will sort the data according to Monthly Average. Make sure you see the triangle arrow pointing downward. The reason to sort by this is because it will give you the overall 4/3 group that have the highest month hit over the year.

Click on the Fix button as shown. This will change the Number column to cyan color where you can use the mouse to copy the cells value.

Use the mouse to select the top 10 cells. Right mouse click and drag downward without releasing the button. Do not move your mouse pointer away, right mouse click to copy the data to computer memory. You may not notice anything happen but it has actually been copied. This example choice to select top 10 cells, it does not have to be 10, it is up to individual perference to select the number of cells.

Click the Wheeler function now.

Move your mouse pointer over the textbox area and right mouse click to pop up the menu as shown. Left mouse click on the Paste command.

The value appear in the textbox may look funny. Don't worry, once you click your mouse anyway outside the screen, the system will automatically scan and highlight the numbers that you have selected.

You should get the numbers as shown below.

Now the interesting part of the tutorial. Select the "OR Filter" Logic as shown.

Now select the Sum Filter and change the value of the sum condition as shown. The sum value is only an example, when doing your own wheel, please analyse and check your sum value.

Do the Sum Filter selection one more time. This time, change the sum value to another value. In this way, you are actually controlling the wheel to either a sum of 140 or a sum of 160. Again, this sum value is only an example.

Now you can wheel the tickets. Take a good look at the generated tickets. Only those sum that falls within the range are taken into account. The rest are discarded. The uniqueness of this software is the ability to crunch the juice out from the selected numbers.

Just a coincident that after I drafted out this tutorial, and I check agains today TOTO result, it won a Group 2 prize.

With WinTOTO software, any method is possible to win a jackpot prize. All you need is the correct condition and the correct numbers are selected.



Updated : 3/2/2005
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
mySQL php