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How to use the Sum 2

This tutorial will guide you the way to make use of the sum 2 balls technique. After you learned this, you should be able to save a lot of money on playing unnessary wheel tickets.

Unlike many wheelers in the market, most of them don't combine the condition filter with the abbreviated wheel. Our wheeler will be able to make use of what your analysis on the condition and make a better judgement play and save you a lot of money.

This sum 2 balls is a new concept where you are narrowing your wheel ticketing into a particular groups of numbers that most likely to hit in every draw. For example, the sum 45, 46 or 47 are the most common sum to use in the filter. It can save as much as half of the original wheel tickets and yet not compromising your winning.

The good part in this filter is, even you filter with a wrong sum, as long as your sum is close to the actual sum that hit, you still be able to win some tickets.

This video file is quite a big file, it is advisable to use broadband connection to view this.

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Updated : 15/12/2006
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
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