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How to reduce investment and remain optimum winning chances.

This is an example of how a Span Filter can really reduce your play to a reasonable play and yet acheive a Jackpot Prize. I have demonstrated this in the TOTO seminar, seem like a lot of Users are very keen to know again.

As an example, if your selected numbers are 04,11,44,03,22,31,32,05,13,16,27,41,43 (13 numbers). You intend to play System 7.

Questiion 1 : How much will the full wheel cost?

Answer : A total of 1716 tickets, each ticket cost $3.5, total are $6,006.00.

Question 2: How to play with a cheaper investment and yet have the best chances?

Answer: Using the correct Number Span Filter will guarantee you the Jackpot Winning.

The above example reduced the number of tickets to 163. This is only cost $570.50. A saving of $5,435.50. (90% saving)

The winning example are,

The span statistic as shown below.


As long as the selected numbers are the winning number and 2/3 of the number span condition are correct, you should see a Jackpot winning.


Updated : 9/2/2009
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
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