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How to have Guarantee hit with 2 Key numbers.

This is an example of how the DIY Wheeler can guarantee you a hit in TOTO play.

It is good method for those who are very sharp in selecting 2 numbers and always manage to catch the correct 2 numbers.

Use the 2 numbers that you catch as key numbers. The rest of the 43 numbers are your play.

Are you sure? Play all 45 number? Yes! It is possible with DIY Wheeler.

You must put the Key numbers in the first 2 numbers in the Textbox as shown below. Example, the key numbers are 30 and 31.

Change the number of key to

This will change the available template as shown.

It is up to individual which template to use. Everyone of them will guarantee you a minimum win as long as your key numbers are the winning numbers.

You will notice only 60 tickets are generated. That means, $30 of investment.

Type in today result and you can check your winning.

With some luck, you may even win a group 2 or group 1 prize amd many others.Just like the example below.


If you are using WinTOTO Advance,

You can make use of the Summary of 1D to wheel. Example below is using the Seasonal April grouping.

Start the Summary Statistic,

You will see a list of numbers as shown. Sort the list in April column by clicking the header. Make sure the triangle is pointing downward.

Click on the "Fix" button as shown. This will allow you to highlight and copy the number column value.

Highlight the "Number" column from the top to the bottom of the list using the mouse as shown below.

Right click your mouse when the pointer is on top of the highlighted area to bring up the dialog box. Select the "copy" command.

Start the Wheeler function now.

Right click on the mouse when the pointer is on top of the text box. Select the "paste" command.

You should able to see all the numbers are highlighted in orange color. You have to select 2 Key numbers to play. In this example, I will pick the 20 and 31 as key numbers. So I have to deselect the 20 and 31 by clicking on the number itself as shown below.

After this, you have to key in the number in the front of the text box. Make sure they are separated by a comma as shown.

You have to do the above 2 steps when ever you decided to change the Key numbers. After this, you click on the DIY wheel button.

Scroll down the list of template available and select those with name "swk2". This is referring as Key 2 template. Click on the item and follow by OK button.

Now, if you check the result, you should see a long list of winning tickets.


Updated : 27/4/2009
By KL Tan
Assemblix Technology
mySQL php