DIY Wheeler


This wheeler is a do-it-yourself wheeler where it will read a template file and assign the numbers according to the template. The program already come with some specially created template files. These are some abbreviated template file that will help you to play at a lower cost. You may want to read more about abbreviated wheel here. If you want to create your own template, you can see the DIY-Template section.

To start the DIY-Wheel, you must first select the numbers you want to wheel. Your selection need not be in sequence, you should arrange your number in a series of big-small-big number sequence in order to have a more balance wheel.

Click the DIY Wheel button. It will scan the working directory for template files. Because this is a template formatted file, there are rules to follows in the template creation. If the template were created with a wrong format, the system will pop-up an error message and will not included in the selection later.

Depending on the number of balls you selected, the appropriate template file name will be listed in the selection box as shown below.

You may click on the item one at a time to see the header information of the template. This information will help you to find the template that you want to use for wheeling. You can then double click on the item or click "OK" to continue.

If you did not include any filter condition in the filter box, the number of ticket generated would be according to the template data. But if you have add your filter, some tickets may be filter out from the list.

This software comes with System 4, System 6, System 7, System 8 and System 9 template.