Dynamic Group Statistic Display


Dynamic group is the exact position of summary list before the result. This summary list is broken down into a 5 segments. Each segment are assigned a group label. Below is an example of how the Best Range NG Group are derived. This is call dynamic group because the position of each number will change after each update result.

  The left most column is the group label. All the group labels are label as Grp1 to Grp5. For easy viewing, each group will have a different color. These are horizontal group.
  The header of the dialog box will shows the date of the last draw for which the statistic are tabulated. On the row header, each columns are label with alphabet. These are the vertical group.

To display to this statistic, you have to click on the icon shown below.

Once you selected the Dynamic group, you shall see a combo box appear on the right side. Click there to select the require dynamic group.

To access the group dialog box, you need to click onto the result display row. It allows you to point to any particular draw result to retrieve the grouping statistic as at that draw. This feature allow us to back track the actual winning pattern of the grouping.

For example, if you want to know the winning pattern of the group on 18 Jul 2007, you have to left click you mouse onto anyway along the row as shown below.

Notice that the date of the statistic is dated until 15 Jul 2007. This is the actual summary list as at 15 July 2007 before the result is out. The red colored cells are the result on 18 July 2007. With this highlighted pattern, it give us a visual understanding on how each group behave.

In order to know the group statistic for next draw, you have to click the Latest Group button. The dialog box will not have any highlighted red cells.

On the right side of the result display, you will be able to see the statistic of the group winning as shown below.

Like the grouping statistic, the value in the cells represent the number of balls within each group. The value below are the total frequency of hit for each group within the displayed draw range. Hit percentage of each group are also calculated below.


The best way to use this dynamic group is to choose 4 out of the 5 groups. Each group you zoom in further to narrow down to 3 to 4 numbers. In this way, you are playing about 12 to 16 numbers each game. Use the wheeler to help you to wheel the numbers to ordinary system 6 tickets.