Association Number Statistic


This function allows you to find out the associate number from the winning numbers. It can be a trailing number or a companion number depending on your setting. When you start this function you will be prompt to specify the draw interval of skip in respect to the draw you selected.

The value can be from -3 to 3. If you specify a positive value, it will look for number after the winning number in history. If you specify a negative value, it will look for number before the winning number in history. Below is an example of how this association number works.

The statistic table shown is a collection of all the associated number of the selected draw. The example below shows #11 has a trailing number of #03 with a frequency of 6 occurrence with the history draw range of 200 draws. This is with a setting of skip 2 draw interval. There is a "Total" column which shows the overall total trailing frequency if you add them up e.g. 4+5+6+5+1+2 = 23

You can sort each column to find the most frequent associate number.

If you selected a previous history draw to check, the next winning numbers are highlighted with orange color. This allow you to see how the associate number behave.