What is new in Version 2.1?


Better tab name.


When you open multiple result view with different analysis option, the tab title will reflect the analysis mode.



Start up faster.


The system will now remember the last setting on the number of draw backward field. To speed up the starting of the display, you can set this value to smaller.



New Filter in the Wheeler.


Two new filters added in the Wheeler. They are Neighbouring Filter and Sum Filter.

  1. Neigbouring Filter allows you to control the neigbouring number sequence. Click to read more.
  2. Sum Filter allows you to select ticket within a certain sum range. Click to read more.



New Logic in the Filtering process.


This new logic in the Filters allow you to have the flexibility to tune the filter to your desire output. Click to read more.



Toggle condition display instantly.


Now you can toggle to display the condition instantly without having to regenerate the wheel.



Manual override on Wheeled ticket.


You can now selectively remove the generated ticket by double clicking on it. This allow you the greatest flexibility to reduce the unwanted ticket yourself.



NG Table


Since many of the existing user are using Next Gap as a method to strategy their selection of numbers, we added this NG Table to speed up your preparation.

Click on the icon as shown below.

You will see the NG Table as below.



Define Group in Wheeler


You can now define group within the wheeler screen and apply to the wheel without having to restart the wheel.