What is new in Version 2.2?


Database Option.

  This will allow you to look at the statistic in a difference angle. You can choose to look at the data in a particular day data only. This option apply to most of the function. The goodness is that you are able to view different database option at the same time as a different document.

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Intelligent Pattern Scanning


An intelligent pattern reading in the Statistic Result display will help many user in spotting a potential good number. It will mark the cells with the appropriate color at the bottom of the screen. The more pattern dot, the better chances will be for the number.

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Easier to read G-Graph

The hit points are now highlighted with dot for each reading. 



Weekly statistic summary


Additional column of statistic for weekly performance in the Summary List. This will shows the hit count of number base on the week of year.

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Additional Filter.


NG Filter - This is a dynamic filter where the contents of the condition will change according to the last result in the database. This filter can reduce a lot of unnecessary tickets from the wheeler.

History Filter - This is a system filter. It is use to filter against the history result.

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Intelligent Filter control


The new design of the wheeler will automatically group the same filter into OR filter. The wheeler will check the condition within the same group first and then goes for other filter. The processing is best view it in the picture below,

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Wheeler Wizard

  Intelligent wizards that help you pick numbers and apply filter base on your play.



Instant Statistic


You can see the Statistic of your selected numbers before you wheel. This will help you to check immediately how well distributed are you selected numbers.


Improved Import Data Function

With many request, the import data now comes with Save, Load and Check function.

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Improved NG Table

The NG Table now comes with the option to include or exclude the Bonus ball. It always allow User to navigate back to the date of draw for the previous NG status. This allow User to do some reverse study on why certain NG hit.

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Improved Wheeler Checker

NOw you can veiw with the option of only winning details or include non winning draws as well.