What is new in Version 2.3?


Frequency Graph.


The frequency graph is plotting on the frequency hit of the particular statistic. It gives you the understanding of how the hit count fluctuate in relationship with each draw. The columns that available for frequency graph are as below,

  1. Odd numbers performance.
  2. Even numbers performance.
  3. Sum numbers performance.
  4. When using the NG Display Format.
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Distribution Chart.


More distribution chart for you to check the distribution of the numbers. With this chart, you can visually see which segment of the statistic having a better distribution than the rest. The columns that available for distribution chart are,

  1. All the numbers columnes.
  2. Odd / Even.
  3. Sum
  4. O/E Bias
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Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation is one of the important measurement in statistic. Beginning with WinTOTO Advance, the standard deviation on the gap interval column is included in the summary statistic. You can also see the movement of standard deviation in graph. This allow us the understand the gap trend better.
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History Filter with Bonus option


You can now filter the wheeler with history hit inclusive of bonus ball.


NG with Bonus Filter


NG Filter - This is a dynamic filter where the contents of the condition will change according to the last result in the database. This filter can reduce a lot of unnecessary tickets from the wheeler. Now you can choose to use NG Filter with Bonus.

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Improved table layout.

Now you can study the table layout with ease. The empty spaces are now filled with skip count.


Improved G-Graph

New improved G-Graph allow you to look at graph in a greater perspective in many area of statistic.

You can now, pan, zoom, apply your own line curve for your own study.

Sum Gap Graph