What is new in Version 2.7?


New database - Support world wide database


New format of this database allow any type of data to be enter into this software for analysis. You can now enter numbers from pick 3, pick4, powerball, mega ball, bonus ball etc. The database is classify by country. Each country will have their own lotto system.

We have included the Taiwan Lotto, Australia Lotto, Malaysia Toto, Singapore Toto. All of these can be update online after the draw result. More database will be included at a later date, we will upload the database online for user to download.

For Malaysia Toto, we have included the 6/42, 6/49, 6/52, 6D into the system.

For Singapore Toto, we have included the Sin4D, 6/45 into the system. Sin4D is the 1st prize 4D data. This will open up another frontier of analysis for 4-D enthusiast.

For Australia, we have included the Powerball 5/45, The Pools 6/38, Lotto Saturday 6/45 + 2 bonus, Lotto Monday and Wednesday 6/45 + 2 bonus, Oz Lotto 7/45 + 2 bonus.

For Taiwan, we have included the Pick3, Pick4, Daily 5/39, Mega Lotto 6/49 and Lotto 6/38.

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New Horizontal and Vertical Group (Box method)


With this new grouping method, you can now see the hit pattern in both direction. Horizontal and vertical pattern will allow you the greater flexibility to pick up potential numbers. You can also use this great features for the wheeler filtering process. This will greatly reduce the amount of tickets and yet maintain a controlled conditioned tickets of your own analysis. Using this feature correctly will guarantee you a maximum returns on your investment.

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Gap Distribution Chart.


With this gap distribution chart you can check whether the current gap is a popular hit gap in a user defined draw range. It is highlighted with a green bar for easy identification. The higher the green bar, the higher the chances. If there isn't any hit of such gap in history, than you wouldn't be able to see any such color bar.

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Enhance Hit Distribution Chart


This is another chart that shows the frequency of hit count in the form of chart so that you can interpret the data easier.


Hit pattern scanner chart


This is a useful chart that will help user to find the re occurrence of similar hit pattern in the past history result. Some number has the habit of repeating the same timing within a specific draw range. Example, you may want to know what happen in the past when the frequency hit within the last 3 draw pattern 2->1->1->?. The below chart shows the value 2 is having more occurance than value 1.

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Improve Wheeler

Improvement on the filter list.

You can now see the set values of the filter in the selected list. This help you to find the correct item when you need to modify the filter.

You can save or load the filter for future use. This mean you do not have to do the same filter list over and over again.

Improvement in Key number

Now you can wheel with a multiple group of key numbers. Example, you may want to wheel with either a key number of 7 or 27 in a single wheel. This will avoid collision of similar tickets thus saving more money!

Forecast Wizard wheel will be wheel with DIY template with an option of adding a predefined filter groups. This option is suitable for user who are looking for fast and cheap method of investment.

New WinTOTO Forecast.

The program will scan and try to determine all those good numbers for next draw. Depending on the data, it can be from 15 to 40 numbers. It is a fact that there is no such forecasting that can guarantee winning every draw. Therefore, we cannot give a perfect percentage of accuracy of this forecast.