What is new in Version 2.8?


Separate display statistic.


Now the display statistic are separated for each view.



Column Summary


A new pop up display that shows the statistic of the column that you selected.

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Improved display filter function.


You can now filter alternate columns of your own selection. You can also choose to highlight the match condition instead of deleting the row.



Selective analysis


You can choose the columns that you wish to analyse by toggling on/off the column data.


Span Analysis


Number span is to study the distance between the left and right of each drawn numbers.

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Neighbouring Hit Statistic

A display showing the latest winning number and their neighbouring numbers percentage hit.

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Additional filter for Wheeler

Additional span filter that can help you to narrow down many tickets.

Improved wheeling for Pick 4/4Digit games. Key number can be more than 2 digits. You can also filter the System Type that you want.




New database format.

This version has a major changes in the database structure to include international information. You cannot use the older version database for this.