What is new in Version


Reverse Scanning Forecast


This is a new computer forecast method. It will scan the latest winning numbers to determine the possible winning numbers for next draw.

When you use the Table Display Layout, the computer forecasted numbers are highlighted in Pink color at the header row.

You can also see this numbers in the Wheeler's Forecast function.


Wheeler Statistic


After you wheeled your selected numbers, you can now check the statistic of the wheeled numbers. This give you another way to control your game play. You can find out the Sum range distribution, the numbers distributions and the Span distributions. Further fine tune your wheel condition by adjusting the out come of your wheel.


Smart Reduce Pick


This is another way to reduce the wheel numbers. If you are not sure how to reduce the numbers further, use this smart reduce to help you.


Exclusion Filter


Additional exclude filters are added for you to fine tune your wheeling experience.


Quick Filter


This shortcut automatic add the common filter for you.