What is new in Version




Increase the speed of wheeler - fine tune some of the area to improve the speed.


New Standard Grouping


You should be able to see two new Standard Group at the Display Standard Group Statistic feature.

Below is how it looks like.


Summary List Filter By Numbers


This is a new filter feature for filtering the summary list base on the multiple numbers. Previously you only allow to filter one number at a time. Now, you can key in multiple numbers for any system summary. You can separate each number with a space.

There is a special separator, if you separate the numbers with a "-", then it will be treating this values are a range of numbers from first number to the last numbers.


Summary List Filter By Sum


You can also filter the Summary list by Sum value. This sum value can be multiple sum or a range of sum. If you are in System 2 balls, than the sum is sum of the two balls. This is useful to narrow down the search for a better two numbers to play, like 2 keys numbers. In the screen captured, you can see the new column "Sum" which shows the sum of the system balls. To know more about Sum analysis, go to Sum analysis page.

Or a range of sum as shown.


Summary List Filter By Span


You can filter the list by number Span value. Span is the measurement of distance between each number in ascending order. To know more about Span, go to Span analysis page. After you have analyse the Span value that most likely to hit next game, you can use this summary filter to short list further.


Summary List Filter By Forecast numbers


The next 4 filters option is to shortlist list to display only those numbers or groups that within the forecasted numbers. There are four forecasted method in this upgrade. The forecasted numbers are displayed in red color in the number column.You can choose the type of forecast by selecting the drop down list as shown.

Same forecast type.

You can see the union of two difference forecast group by filtering one forecast while highlighting the other forecast type.


Display Format


You can choose the type of forecast to be highlight in the table display format page. The header in pink color are those numbers that been forecasted by the forecast method.


Import CSV file into Wheeler


You can now import the data saved in Comma separated value file for further filtering in the wheeler. This CSV file need to be saved as comma delimited.

Once imported, you can add the filter that you like to apply and click on Full Wheel and you must answer "No" when the prompt appear.


Forecast Tracking


Forecast Tracking is another features that will keep track of how is the performance of each forecast method. TOTO result keep changing trend, with this, you can check the current trend which method is working more effectively.

You can see this by clicking on the Maintenance->Forecast Tracking as shown.

The dialog box will shows the forecast and the winning history.