Filter Display


This function allow you to filter the statistic display according to your own criteria setting. It is a cells text filter, you will need to highlight the particular column or multiple columns. Example below will shows you how this filter works.

Filtering a single column


You need to use the mouse pointer to click on any cells within the column follow by the right-click mouse button as shown below or alternatively, you can click the . This will pop up an input box for you to enter the value to filter.

If you want to see only the statistic that consist of number 5 in this particular column, you can enter a value of 5 in the box and click the OK button.

The display will immediately become as shown below.

or alternatively, you may want to only mark the display instead of deleting the row, you must check the "Mark the rows" option. This will highlight the rows that match your conditions.

Important note : You must reset the display to it original state before you do the next filter. Just click the "Apply or Reset" button to reset the display.

For multiple value, you have to enter each value separated with a "+" character. Example

This will see the display as below.


Multiple Columns


For multiple columns filter, you will need to select the cells of the column as shown below.

Your filter value can be multiple value as shown here.

The display will be as shown below,


Selective Columns


For selective columns filter, you will need to select the cells of the column as shown below. They must be in the same row. Make sure you press the Ctrl key on your Keyboard when selecting.

This means you are filtering values on column No1 or column No 6. Cnly rows with value of 1 or 40 are display, the rest are deleted.