Group Statistic


This statistic table display the information of the winning from the Standard/Dynamic Group display. This table allow us to study which hit pattern has a higher chances of forming and which hit pattern is the lowest possibility.

The header of the dialog will shows the group title, whether is horizontal or vertical direction and the draw range date.

Below is an example of how the chart is interpreted.

Hit Pattern

This column will display all the possibly hit pattern. The pattern is derived from the hit count of each column. The example above on pattern 1,1,1,2,2 is actually referring to 1 hit in column 1, 1 hit in column 2, 1 hit in column 3, 2 hits in column 4 and 2 hits in column 5.

Please take note that if the pattern that you are checking consist of many columns, the times take to generate all the possible pattern may take several minutes depending on how fast is you PC.

Freq This is the frequency hit of the hit pattern. By default, it is sorted to the highest on the top.
Last Follower This shows the hit pattern that follow the last hit pattern in the history. If there isn't any previous hit pattern happen in history, then there will not be any follower and it will be represent by a blank space.
Most Follower This shows the most frequent hit pattern that follow the previous winning.
Next Gap This is the number of draw interval skipped since the last hit pattern came in history.
Average Gap This is the mathematic average gap of the winning pattern. It is calculated from the draw range divided by the frequency hit.
Perm % This is the percentage of the hit pattern permutation in term of the whole system permutation. The higher percentage means more numbers belong to this group pattern, hence also higher chances of hitting.
Expected Hit The is the expected hit occurrence of the hit pattern within the draw range analysed. It is calculated base on the permutation of the hit pattern. Theoretically, the actual hit occurrence will be very close to the expected hit rate.
Bias This column shows the differences of expected hit with the actual hit. If the bias is less then 0, the value will be display in red color.

The highlighted row with cyan color is the most current winning pattern. This allow you to decide your next selection base on your own judgment.

If you change the draw range, the table will be updated accordingly.