Hot,warm,cold filter


You have to study the statistic of the hot/warm/cold in the Hot/Warm/Cold Display view.

The item in the display is dynamic, the value of the Hot, Warm and Cold will change when you update the data. You can change the size value to your analysis.


Example on how to use the Hot/Warm/Cold filter.


In this example, if you are selecting 28 numbers 01,02,03,05,07,08,09,10,14,15,16,18,19,25,26,35,32,22,24,38,40,30,28,45,44,42,33,31

You are using DIY Wheel with the template of sw644-28.awt

Without any other filter, it is generating a total of 1489 tickets, which is quite a huge amount of tickets. To reduce this, you can also use the sum set filter.

Notice the amount of ticket reduced to 118, which is about 10% only. Of course, some risk factor is involve when you use this filter.